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Cardio training, identifying the myths

  I believe that some kind of cardio vascular training should be part of a complete fitness program. Some of the benefits of cardio training include: Burning calories Weight loss Reduces risks for heart disease Prevents high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes... Read More

Weight loss; benefits of slow vs rapid weight loss

What is better, slow and gradual or fast weight loss? In the past the general rule always used to be ‘slow and steady’. These days, research says that it actually doesn’t really matter. Both ways can have pros and cons, and what works for one person, won’t... Read More
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Are you getting the right results?

We all know that to lose weight and get fit, we should make our lives as active as possible. In theory this approach should work and give us some good results. Some of us do all of the above but are still not getting the right results. You might wonder why? There are a few common... Read More