I have been training with Yves for about six months and would highly recommend him as a personal trainer. The sessions are very individualised and tailored to my specific needs and goals. He is motivating and encouraging in a very positive manner without having to be “shouty”. Yves uses a variety of functional techniques and equipment including boxing, rope work, kettle-bells and body-weight exercises. These keep the sessions interesting and challenging and I am steadily achieving my goals of increased strength and definition.

– Matt Paradise, Bondi



After a 10 year hiatus from any form of exercise that didn’t involve nightclubs or festivals I found myself 10 kilos overweight and struggling to run half a length of the promenade in Bondi.

My upcoming wedding meant it was time to bite the bullet! I was nervous about seeing a personal trainer and quite frankly embarrassed about how unfit I’d let myself get.

Yves put me at ease on my assessment and put together a training regime that suited my level (or lack of) fitness. We set long and short-term goals with respect to my weight and lifestyle. He built up the intensity of our sessions over time, focusing on core muscle strength, cardio and running.

Within 10 weeks I surprised myself and most people who knew me and ran the Mosman10K in 52 minutes. By the time of my wedding I was at my target weight and exercising 3-4 times a week. I completed city2surf last year in 73 minutes and the Sydney half marathon more recently.

I never thought I would say this, but I now enjoy exercise rather than seeing it as a chore.

Yves is always touching base and motivating with a smile rather than a grimace. He has devised exercise and diet plans for me to keep on top of my goals and fitness. He even rang from his trip in Europe to check how the training for the half marathon was going.

I would highly recommend Yves to anyone who wants to get fit or take their training up a notch. Although some words of warning, he does have a rather unhealthy obsession with kettlebells, but if you ask him nicely he might
show you his tyres!

– Charlie Blight, Bondi


I want to personally thank you! Thank you for getting me started at Coogee! I have already lost 17 kg, and if it wasn’t for your encouragement, I likely would of dropped out! Thanks again for giving life back to me! Hope all is well with you and your precious family.

– Ian


Yves is an amazing trainer 🙂 Anyone who joins Yves will get amazing results. He’s a motivating and inspiring trainer 🙂 He’s helped me so much in my weight loss journey and I’m forever grateful

– Tamara Macdonald, Camden


I just wanted to say thank you sincerely for all your support, encouragement and awesome training sessions throughout the year.
I have really enjoyed boot camp and it has totally transformed my life and I just love doing exercise now and a huge part of that is due to your ongoing motivation.

One of the many great things that I enjoy about your training sessions is the variety. Every morning we turn up to train there is a great variety of training options from core strength, weight exercises to improving and developing running and cardio stamina and it is amazing how that 45minutes flies by!

You as a trainer take the time to get to know everyone in the group and you motivate and encourage everyone to reach their goals.

– Prue, Clovelly


Despite Yves early foray into male modeling he realised he was likely to be more of a success in fitness!!
What struck me first about Yves was how he knew everybody by name, often at classes of over 25 people.
It gave you an immediate sense of someone who had a vested interest in you, and ultimately your fitness and goals.
Couple this with workouts which were always varied and challenging and you had a perfect recipe for success.
His passion for fitness is infectious and I have no doubt anyone who trains with him and puts the work in will be delighted with the results”

– Killian Donelly